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Interior Design for Wellbeing Benefits

Since the Covid pandemic, we’re more aware than ever before of how important our space is to our health, both mental and physical – which is why we maintain a strong focus on interior design for wellbeing within our luxury developments.

At Andas Homes, our designers are training to be WELL accredited professionals to ensure that all of our projects are developed in-line with the WELL building standard – a leading global movement centred on optimising the places in which we live, work and breathe, making them the places in which we can be our best selves.

We’re committed to learning how our designs can impact health, and as we’ve learned through the WELL process, there are a multitude of factors to consider, including:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Fitness
  • Comfort
  • Mind

Applying WELL principles into our projects

The ways that this revolutionary, people-first thinking around wellbeing can impact interior design are numerous, and considerations have to be made at every stage.

In terms of light, air and space, we prioritise creating interiors with ample natural lighting, to allow residents to bask in the glow of the sun and help to regulate their circadian rhythm. This natural light helps to improve sleep quality, so people to rise from their slumber feeling rested and whole. Improved ventilation is also an essential feature when it comes to interior design for wellbeing, ensuring healthier air conditions in any building, home or office space.

When we think about creating quality interior spaces, we make the most of maximising outdoor spaces too. Bringing continuity between the indoor and the outdoor and creating giving a sense of flow between each expanse is central, as is our focus on outside areas such as outdoor kitchens. Holding close the old adage “clear space, clear mind”, a lot of thought has also gone into creating clutter free spaces with suitable storage too.

Ergonomics play a prominent role in creating interior design for wellbeing – the place that you call home, in any given scenario, should be comfortable, functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. We’ve placed a strong focus on these areas, because you deserve a space that looks and feels great.

To this end, our interior colours and natural textures are chosen to promote mental wellbeing, while glazing is positioned and proportioned in such a way as to give you the most beautiful views and the best sense of oneness with nature. We’ve even paid attention to the sound of the space, improving internal acoustics though the use of softer materials and carefully placed furniture, cushioning the peripheral noise of your household’s day-to-day activities for a more relaxing environment where you can switch off and kick-back when needed.

We complement this approach to sound and space with the clever use of multi-use ‘zoning’ too, creating opportunities for more flexibility. This allows families to better work around each other, while benefiting from the wellbeing considerations that have been integrated into the property’s design.

Creating kitchens for healthier lifestyles

Everyone knows that nutrition is crucial to aiding both physical and mental health, so to help facilitate this, we invest significant efforts into developing kitchens that feature food storage capabilities. This often includes built-in pantries for storing fresh produce, keeping items in the right conditions while ensuring your ingredients are within reach when you’re cooking up a healthy dinner. We also ensure that we provide ample preparation space, along with other smart features such as filtered water taps to further promote a healthier daily lifestyle.

As the ‘new normal’ has come into play due to the global coronavirus pandemic, never before has how we live, and the spaces that we occupy, been so central to keeping us happy. Armed with the knowledge that our WELL training has given us, we’re confident that with our focus on interior design for wellbeing, if you buy from Andas Homes, you can be sure of a helping hand towards your health and happiness, in both body and in mind.

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